Reasons to buy a Treadmill

We all have such busy lives these days. Whether this spending long hours in the office or time spent

looking after our families. We then have to cram in the necessary appointments and there can be

lots of extra pressure to set time aside for friends and family. It makes it really difficult to fit time in

for exercise and any fitness routine we choose to do.


Many of us find that it is very important to us to keep fit but it is increasingly difficult to make time

to dedicate to ourselves. We shouldn’t fall into this trap as there is always a solution. Many people

find that exercise equipment in the home means that they can actually complete their fitness

program with minimal fuss. The equipment is on hand day or night, even if it is for a snatched 25

minutes before your morning shower or last thing at night before you go to bed.


The most popular piece of home gym equipment is unsurprisingly the treadmill. The treadmill does

not take up a lot of room in the home and it can be used for such a wide range of workouts. This

could range from a brisk walk to some serious cardiovascular workouts to even running a marathon.


Many of us get home from a busy day at work with all the intentions of going to the gym but as soon

as we get home we then can’t be bothered to:









Get changed into gym gear

Travel to the gym

Prepare for your workout

Complete workout

Travel home

Shower and change


It sounds so easy “I’ll go to the gym after work” but before you know it there are 6 individual steps

to take and it all takes up so much of our precious time. By having a treadmill in the house there

are no excuses. You are immediately going to be cutting out stages 2, 3 and 5 and saving yourself so

much time and energy. You will have no concerns over the weather putting a halt to your run and

the best bit is that you can catch up on all your TV programs while you work out.


Many people that have a treadmill in the house choose to get their exercise routine completed

before they even get to work. They get up (some even exercise in their pyjamas) and jump on the

treadmill. They then catch up on the news or whatever programs as they workout and they then

shower and get ready for work. The majority of people find that this helps them become more

productive at work as before they were still fully waking up for the first half hour of the workday

whereas now they are fully awake and energised before they even get to work. They are raring to

start their day.


This way they also have the full day and evening ahead of them to dedicate to friends, family and

whatever else they wish to do.


Treadmills are increasingly popular items to have in the home. They allow us to fit our exercise

routines around our busy lives, rather than have the gym and the weather dictate what we can and

can’t do.


There are an increasing number of women purchasing treadmills as this allows them to complete

cardiovascular workouts in the safety of their own home. Many women do not feel safe going out

running at night time. Even the early evening can feel a little daunting when the roads are quieter.


Not only does having a treadmill give the ladies full flexibility for the times of their workouts but it

also gives them peace of mind with regards to their safety. Many women find that it gives them a

whole new exercise option as they would never previously have gone out after dusk so all exercise

had to be crammed into spare daylight hours. These same women now come home from work and

even if it is late, they enjoy an evening workout.


The best bit about cheap treadmills are that you can set the workout as gentle or as hard working as you

like. You can even run a marathon in the comfort of your own home.


Some people study marathon routes and then simply alter the gradients as appropriate so that their

workout mirrors the real thing.


Treadmills are an excellent investment due to all the hours you can put into your training. So many

of us have signed up to the gym and then stopped going. The main reason for this is that by the time

we get home from a busy day at work, we lose the motivation to go to the gym. It is a vicious circle

as when you miss one workout, you lose motivation for the next and the whole thing snowballs until

one day you realise that you have missed a full month! Unfortunately we can never get our money

back that we have wasted on gym subscriptions.


Gym subscriptions are certainly not cheap and nine times out of 10 you don’t cancel after the first

month of missed gym visits “just in case you decide to go back”, so in the end you have paid 2-4

months worth of subscriptions when you have been a handful of times or not at all.


With having the treadmill in your home you are unlikely to fall into the bad trap mentioned above

as it is so easy just to go and jump on your treadmill and you can just catch up on your television or

radio programs while you work out. However, if the worst did happen and you found you were not

using your treadmill as much as you should be you can simply sell the treadmill onto someone else

and get your money back. That way you will not feel as if you have lost out financially.


So not only can your treadmill help you to feel safe while you workout but it can also save you an

absolute fortune in the long run.